Human Development

Human Development

The desire of the Human Development committee is to continue to reach out to those needing help spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Ministries of Human Development include, but are not limited to:

Caring Committee – a program that sends cards to those in nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Newborns – a program that sends cards to new parents, makes stoles for Baptisms and coordinates dates with Parish office.

Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter – Volunteers gather in the cafeteria of St. Mary’s Academy once a month on a Friday afternoon at 1:00pm to make sandwiches which feed the men at the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter. Parishioners may also volunteer to make homemade cookies to be sent with the sandwiches.

McHarrie Life Mass and McHarrie Life Rosary – helps residents come together for spiritual gatherings.

Ministry of Praise – a program of prayer.  A “telephone tree” of prayer for those who are ill, need help, etc.

Anointing Services

Health Ministry – a program providing the parish and community with opportunities to obtain flu shots, and health screenings.

Mitten Ministry – an ongoing program in which volunteers knit and donate mittens for those in need.

Parish Food Collection – an ongoing program providing donated food to those in need both in the parish as well as the community.

Community Luncheon – a monthly program offering local seniors an opportunity to gather for a covered dish meal.

Adopt-a-Family for a Holiday – At Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, we extend hospitality to those families that may not have the means for a holiday meal. Food collections take place on the weekends prior to the holiday and gift boxes are prepared for families.

Christmas Giving Tree – Each year beginning in early December our parish is provided with “tags” listing Christmas gifts for many organizations and individuals throughout the greater Baldwinsville area. On the weekend prior to Christmas, volunteers are needed to sort the gifts and prepare them for delivery.

In addition to these programs, we have seasonal and occasional programs that include:

Collection of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas, collection of  Easter Bunnies for Hospitals, School Supplies, Retired Nuns Party, Birthright, Lullaby League, Eyeglass collection, and Jail Ministries.

If you are interested in volunteering or are in need of assistance, please contact the Human Development Committee at 635-5762 ext 144.