A council assists in the pastoral activity of the Church by sharing responsibility for the life and mission of the Church. It shares in the responsibility for the pastoral care of the parish in collaboration with the pastor and staff. While its members are actively engaged in various ministries of the parish, as a council it is a consulative body, which makes recommendations to the pastor regarding the life and mission of the community.

With the pastor and staff of the parish, the pastoral council has a special obligation in the task of pastoral planning. Its sets direction for the parish by focusing on the parish’s mission statement and organizing a plan to carry out the mission. It plans, monitors progress,analyses and prioritizes needs, and develops goals related to those needs. And, it establishes committees to implement these goals.

Pastoral Council Mission Statement
The faith community of St. Mary’s Parish conscientiously strives to enter the spirit-lead process of growth; a growth in love and service of God and one another. All members of the parish community are called to be ministers of this growth, each contributing his or her talents for the good of all in God’s Kingdom.

Together we are a parish dedicated to proclaim the Word, provide meaningful liturgy, serve God’s people, and foster devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through team ministry we strive to up-build and serve. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we share in seeking direction and decisions through the means of the Pastoral Council.

2017-2018 Pastoral Council Members

Ed Kirk – Trustee
Elsie Peterson – Trustee
Michelle Sunderhaft – Chair
David Nesbitt – Vice Chair
Kathy Harding – Secretary
Michael Brigande
Patricia Gee
Norman Martel
Peter Pandori
John Polmanteer
Tammy Polmanteer
John Salisbury
Richard Scott
Kaitlyn Wafful